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Would you like to grow your wealth? Want to invest in realty but not sure where to buy? Perhaps you don't have the time to research locations and data to know which properties are returning the highest yield?


As expert property advisors, we can help! We feature a sample of the available properties here on our site and our investment property listings are regularly updated. If you don't find what you are looking for, give Mark a call as there are plenty of properties available in addition to what is showcased here.


For your convenience we have organised properties into State location. If you would like to know more about which States could be the best property investment for you, follow our property investing blog.


The right suburban site with a newly built home

If your investment preference is for house and land or dual occupancy property, we have access to a number of sites throughout the country. There are completed properties ready to purchase!

These opportunities are predominantly located in the Brisbane-Gold Coast corridor, throughout Western Sydney, Melbourne metropolitan and regional pockets, and Perth.


We have identified these areas for their future growth, strong rental yield and Government infrastructure investment in the immediate surrounding area.

The townhouses we have access to are predominantly located around 15 kilometres outside of Brisbane and Melbourne's CBD areas, but are generously sized when compared to the likes of apartments, which may offer a more lucrative location, but sit in at higher price point in the market.


Flexibility is a plus for our clients exploring a townhouse offering, as they typically come with lower strata fees and are designed as a more boutique development, with a lower price tag to boot.  


As an example, most of our townhouses offer a three bedroom, two bathroom, one garage configuration and are located around their growing communities' key transport, hospital and important amenities infrastructure. 


Flexibility at a different property price point


Newly developed, off-the-plan and Australia-wide

We have access to a wide range of apartments throughout Australia's fastest growing areas, with many situated as little as five kilometres from Brisbane and Melbourne's CBDs. We have properties that are completed and ready to purchase or if you specifically would like off-the-plan we can assist you with worthy options. 

Our aim is to always source high yielding, boutique properties in smaller complexes, though we also have access to a selection of medium to high-density projects for clients specifically after this type of offering with a central CBD location.

If you're after a specific type of property or a particular area and we don't have access to it when you call, we will secure access to that property, project or a match to your location need for you. 

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