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Identifying best-placed property investments

Specialising in newly built completed homes (and off-the-plan developments) for rental investments from some of Australia's most reputable property developers. My Property Plan takes the guess work out of the property investment process for buyers looking to source an out-of-area rental investment.


It's our role to research Australia's upcoming suburbs and their opportunistic property markets. Our sourcing service encompasses a thorough report, offering detailed insight on the proposed areas' future and current infrastructure, economic growth and profile, comparable marketplace data, and rental vacancy rates. We can also provide video walk-throughs and more besides. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring you are able to make the best, most informed decision, just as we would want if it was our own investment property purchase. 


Acting for the buyer in finding, negotiating and exchanging property

With new homes (or off-the-plan property development) sales, a Buyer's Agent (or Buyer Advocate) is paid by the selling developer, as opposed the the investor enlisting their help secure the best-fit investment for that buyer's budget, timeline and property portfolio goals.


My Property Plan specialises in sourcing newly completed developments for investors looking to capitalise on up and coming markets throughout Australia. 


We also represent you as the buyer in the process of communicating with the agent, developer, conveyancers, financial advisors, and in the negotiation and exchange-to-settlement of the property.


Effective management of your tenanted investment property by only the best to maximise your return.

Our investment property advisory service doesn't stop once your investment property settlement is complete. You can capitalise on our valued network of professionals!


We recommend tried-and-tested local quality Property Managers to ensure your hard-earned investment is in safe hands. This is because our network of professional Property Managers effectively manage your tenanted property to maximise its return on your investment.

If you are investing inter-state in property, you may not know the local market and/or have any local Property Manager contacts. That is where we can recommend our preferred Property Managers - we have contacts in every State!


"I am so confident in our recommendations, I use our Property Managers for my own investment properties around Australia". Mark Long, Director.

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