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Creekside Townhouses have the future in mind & property investors see the great opportunity!

Demographic and economic drivers for this region

Thornlands and Victoria Point's total population is projected to increase by 35% between 2016 and 2036, from 30,723 people to 41,537 people. (after an increase of 61%, from 19,096 to 30,723 people between 2000 - 2016)*.

These townhouses are a solid investment with a strong yield and a long term well established market on the bayside. Stage 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6 are already registered.

Pictured above is the new Creekside Townhouse Development in Thornlands, Queensland.
Pictured above is the new Creekside Townhouse Development in Thornlands, Queensland.

Much like the rest of the State of Queensland and Australia, the local population is predicted to age, with the 'Healthy Retirement' and 'Elderly' demographic set to experience the highest growth rate between 2016 and 2036, at 73% and 139% respectively. An ageing population base will heighten demand for smaller, lower maintenance properties, which enable residents to enhance their lifestyle by lessening the ongoing burden of property maintenance.

Whilst it’s important to acknowledge the forthcoming ageing population shift, the continued prominence of those aged within the ‘Family Formation’ and 'Education' stages of life, should not be overlooked. Combined, these two cohorts are expected to make up a healthy 52% share of the region’s population in 2036.

Those aged within the Family Formation stage includes the bulk of the regions labour force, whilst those aged in the Education stage are the inspiration for most household expenditures, the sustained prevalence of these two age groups will play an integral role in maintaining strength and resilience in the local economy.

Overall, the growth earmarked for Thornlands and Victoria Point region will have a considerable impact on the local housing market. Based on the conservative assumption that the number of persons per dwelling was to remain stagnant, this growth in population would create demand for an additional 3,827 residential dwellings to be built within Thornlands and Victoria Point between 2016 and 2036.

Historical Residential Sales Summary

"Primary Catchment" (graphs following) refers in this instance to the Thornlands and Victoria Point region, Queensland.

The accompanying chart compares the 2017 Median Townhouse price and the 2017 New Townhouse Product Upper Quartile Price for Redland LGA. The median price represents the middle point of the entire Townhouse market, whilst the upper quartile price of new Townhouse product provides a more accurate depiction of recently developed, higher quality product.

Redland Townhouse Price Trends for the property investor

Overall townhouses have recorded a median capital gain of between $27,500 and $137,500 based on a short to long term holding period

Townhouse Historical Rental Summary

Rental vacancy rates are shown to be healthy across all property types in Thornlands and Victoria Point Region, sitting at a favourable 3.3%. Medium density based properties are leading the market at a tight vacancy rate of 1.7%, whilst the house rental market is operating at a healthy vacancy rate of 3.6%.

Looking ahead, there is likely to be a level of pent up demand for new medium density based rental property in Thornlands and Victoria Point, given the tight vacancy rate that it is currently operating at. Forgoing the delivery of new medium density rental properties, weekly price growth is likely to transpire in the short term.

Creekside - Townhouse Developments

Poised directly on the doorstep of Eprapah Creek, Creekside offers direct access to nature’s finest as well as being conveniently located close to schools, recreational facilities and a number of shopping centres.

The Queensland lifestyle is further enhanced by private alfresco areas, communal green spaces, a walking trail with environmental viewing platform and multiple exercise stationers.

“Forecasts from the likes of BIS Oxford Economics predicted a three-year growth rate of about 13% across south-east Queensland but Mr. Anderson said that was conservative for Redlands given his experience with his developments”.

Chris Anderson, Property Analyst and Developer.

Contact Mark Long for details about this property investment opportunity and others that are available within these regions that have just the right conditions for profitable property investment! Mark Long, Property Advisor: +61 402 267 795

REFERENCE, SOURCE: The National Property Research Co. Feb. 2018 House and Townhouse Market.

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