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The booming Sunshine Coast! Why property investors have Queensland in their sights

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

"Under the next five-year Implementation Plan, a suite of 40 actions will be delivered from 2019 to 2023 to drive greater opportunities and prosperity for the Sunshine Coast and its residents." Mayor Jamieson said.

The booming Sunshine Coast for Property Investors

Property Investors know that location is the most important factor for profitability in realty investments. Location plays a key factor in property valuation and importantly for investors - rental demand over the investment period.

What property investors see within the Sunshine Coast region is a solid mid-to-long-term commitment to: How it's going to evolve and prosper.

Since 2013, the Sunshine Coast Council has implemented initiatives identified within its Regional Economic Development Strategy. This has driven a significant shift in the performance of its economy.

During this time the Sunshine Coast economy grew by almost $5 billion, there are now more than 23,500 additional jobs in their high-value industries, more than 500 new businesses opening annually, and household incomes have increased by 25% based on the data available when the strategy was first released.

In addition, the Sunshine Coast region has $12.5 billion in public and private investment underway or in the pipeline fuelling growth in a number of industries across the region that are expected to generate increased long-term, careers for the local community.

It is no surprise that the Sunshine Coast now enjoys the second highest percentage of jobs growth in the State.

Building upon this momentum, “In the next five-year period, our new suite of region-shaping projects will continue to focus on the core architecture that our region needs to support its economic resilience and productivity." Mayor Jamieson said.

Major Investment Projects for the Sunshine Coast

  • Bruce Highway: $1.6 billion expansion and upgrade

  • International Broadband Submarine Cable: $927 million per annum to Queensland economy

  • Airport: 2,230 jobs (4.1 billion contribution to the economy)

  • University: $81 million expansion complete with expected 20,000 students by 2020

  • Hospital: 4,600 jobs

  • Light Rail project: 9,000 jobs (Stage 1 by 2025) 3.6 billion contribution to the economy

  • Solar Farm: $10 million economic benefit (100% of Council's electricity offset by renewables)

  • And ample supply of new residential developments for investors to consider!

“It’s great to be able to work together with government, industry and the community, and to take a forward-looking view at how we can collectively grow and shape the future of our region." Mayor Jamieson said.

Lifestyle, job prosperity, great weather, plethora of natural assets, access to all the amenities you could want, the Sunshine Coast is certainly ticking all the right boxes for property investment. It's a highly desirable place for people to live.

With your choice of quality residential developments to select from - what are you waiting for?

Mark Long from My Property Plan has been working with many reputable developers on the Sunshine Coast for years and has up-to-date information on best property investment opportunities available now. Off-the-plan or newly built - Mark can guide you through property developments within this prosperous region - the Sunshine Coast, for your investment consideration.

Call Mark Long: 0402 267 795,

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