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Are you struggling for time to work out which suburb for your property investment?

Will Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth deliver the best rental return? Not to mention... should it be a house & land, dual occupancy, apartment or townhouse?

Property Investment options in Australia

Don’t default to buying close to where you live simply because that is what you know…

Ask yourself: Could there be better elsewhere? Because the reality is: Most likely there IS better elsewhere!

How do we know the best suburbs in Australia to invest in?

We are professional property advisors who specialise in knowing current Australia-wide property markets. We make decisions based on historical property cycles in Australia and predicting property market cycles going forward based on data and collaborated feedback from professionals (and our own experience) in the market-place.

Our property advisory client service includes a thorough report, offering:

  • Detailed insight on the proposed areas' future infrastructure,

  • economic growth and profile,

  • comparable marketplace data,

  • real estate market performance

  • and rental vacancy rates.

If all this sounds daunting don’t worry because we are here to help you interpret and understand this information and how it is relevant to you. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring you are able to make the best, most informed decision, just as we would want to if it was our own property investment.

My Property Plan is not a Real Estate Agency or a Property Developer. We are not financial advisors or mortgage brokers. We are completely independent property advisors that help property investors because we are their go-to for latest property market information and advice on the best rental investments based on their own financial situation and goals.

Investing in property inter-state doesn’t have to be a gamble!

If you think buying an investment property near you is smarter because you can keep an eye on things and/or know the local services… you could be missing out on much better performing rental investments.

You can capitalise upon our established network of professionals Australia-wide that we have worked with for many years. We can recommend our preferred Property Managers - we have contacts in every State! We don’t leave you at settlement of your investment property – we ensure that your new investment will be taken care of and setup to return a healthy yield.

Our clients are long-term, we are in it for the long-haul because this is what profitable property investment is! Long-term investment and financial wealth growing activity that when done correctly – is a very effective way to build a strong and healthy financial future.

Contact Mark Long for any questions you may have or how we can help you find the best property investment for your needs.

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