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Stress-free Property Investing - does it exist?

Initial consideration of stress-free property investing would have us assume this is simply a pipe-dream.

Property Investors with My Property Plan

Because once you have made the decision to invest in realty, you then face a lot of research and decision making. You are placing a lot of trust in various professionals and companies to do right by you and your hard earned money! Whether you’re a first-time property investor or an experienced property investor – it can seem daunting.

Property Markets are continually changing, there are multiple factors that influence property performance and SO MANY suburbs, cities and types of investment properties to select from.

Investment property decision making is not all! Because when it comes to buying an investment property, there is the organising of finance, navigating the negotiation process and settlement… not to mention how you will ensure that your new property investment is managed effectively to provide a good return on investment.

Are your stress-levels rising right about now? If so, a property advisor and a trusted partner to help you succeed as a property investor may be just what you need and perhaps the answer to that ultimate dream of stress-free property investing!

My Property Plan is your game-plan and partner in property investment

Mark from My Property Plan explains that every person he helps in property investment is cared for as if he were helping his own daughter buy an investment property.

From day one, to ongoing management of your investment property, My Property Plan will be there for you as your trusted advisor and essential network for the various professionals and services you need to succeed.

We help you by understanding what you hope to achieve in property investment both in the short-term and long-term. We learn about your current financial circumstances and identify the best property investment options to suit. This narrows down your options which is a good thing because choice becomes easier. You can feel rest-assured that whatever option we put forward is going to be the right choice for you to achieve your goals.

How do you know our recommendations are good?

  • We have been consulting with you to comprehensively understand your needs and circumstances.

  • We come with years of experience in realty sales, negotiating and proven successful property investors ourselves.

  • We are completely independent. We don’t work for any developers, Mortgage providers or Real Estate Agents. Our motivation is to do what is best for you – the investor.

  • Every property investment option we put forward has been well-researched and is supported by information and data that advises you on: > the builders, the developer’s reputation, track record and accreditation, > the investment quality and inclusions, > the location property trends and recent property sales performance, > town planning, infrastructure investment, > capital growth and leading indicators, > tenancy demands, > rental appraisals and calculated rental yield > cashflow and holding costs.

The option to ‘stress-less’ when it comes to property investment is available to you. For any investment property around Australia – contact Mark Long your trusted property advisor.

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