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To buy or not to buy? How Property Investors can choose an investment hotspot in Australia in 2019.

It is definitely a numbers game rather than an emotion-driven decision making process.

..Said Mark Long from My Property Plan. We provide our property investors with detailed breakdown of property values (including their history of increases/decreases). We outline predictions of key growth areas across Australia. Because we are skilled researchers and negotiators with a solid network of reputable builders and developers across the country, we have choice across the spectrum of property options to suit any kind of property investor.

Property hotspots Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria 2019
Examples of property hotspots for investors 2019: Ballarat and Bendigo

Success for us here at My Property Plan is helping a client to choose the absolute best property investment that will maximise their capital growth and potential yield.

Our tips for identifying growth areas include - consider suburbs that present strong employment opportunities, (including easy access to major cities), have solid commitment in new infrastructure (roads, rail, etc.) and can deliver desirable lifestyle amenities.

Property Investment Professionals of Australia chairman Peter Koulizos said earlier this year that there are three critical elements when trying to forecast properties and areas that will offer above-average capital growth:

  1. ​Houses perform better than units

  2. Choose the right city first, then research suburbs

  3. Suburbs closer to the city have the best capital growth

A couple examples of property hotspots in 2019

Ballarat a property investor's hotspot

Ballarat is a stones throw to Melbourne by car or train. It has affordability and extremely low vacancy rates (vacancy rates under 1%).  With the fast train into Melbourne just under an hour, you can still have the country lifestyle and earn city wages if you desire.

There is strong evidence of a shifting demographic in the city of Ballarat as more people from Melbourne either move to or invest in Ballarat homes. Property sales in Ballarat may have dipped in the last year compared to a bumper 2017, but it was still up by around 11% compared to 2016 (2,682 compared to 2,403). This regional city is showing faster growth rate than in Melbourne where sales were down by 23 per cent in the same period.

Prices in Ballarat too have performed very strongly during the same time, with the median selling price of a house in the city rising by 19% from $325,000 in 2016 to $387,000 last year.

Bendigo is another property investment hotspot

Bendigo has close proximity to Melbourne for work without the price tag!  There’s plenty of economic activity within the town. It is the top 20 city by population and yields are strong compared to most capital cities. Qantas has flights out of Bendigo to Sydney also which makes it extremely accessible to major cities while offering a more relaxed country lifestyle!

Property investors can buy ahead of price growth by finding locations where sales volumes are rising and this is most certainly the case for Bendigo homes! There is new infrastructure, including the $630 million Bendigo Hospital upgrade and the $31 million Kangaroo Flat aquatic centre with Qantas flights out of Bendigo to Sydney being a recent boost to the area's accessibility.

If you would like to know more about how you can make profitable property investment choices by picking current hotspots to invest... speak with Mark Long now. Independent and advice that is no-cost to you!

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